Types of Knives


From the width of the blade to the length of the handle, each of our kitchen knives has been designed for specific cutting tasks. Choosing the correct knife for the job will ensure clean and easy cutting of food.



The Bread Knife features a long, serrated blade that ensures cleanly sliced bread without tearing.


The Chef’s Knife can be used for a variety of chopping and slicing tasks and is one of the most popular knife types.


Used for slicing and carving meat, the Carving Knife has a long and thin blade allowing precision cutting.


An versatile knife which can be used for chopping and slicing fruit, vegetables or smaller cuts of meat.


This short bladed knife is ideal for small cutting tasks such as peeling fruit and vegetables. It is also good for precise and delicate work, like removing the ribs from peppers or coring apples.


The Santoku knife features grooves in the blade to prevent food from sticking.

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