Knife Care & Use

We recommend you follow the below instructions to keep your knives in good condition.


Our Top Tips

  • Sharpen little and often to keep your knife sharp
  • Not suitable for electric or ceramic wheel knife sharpeners. We advise using a handheld steel rod sharpener and to use close to the cutting edge of the knife
  • Store knives securely after use and always keep out of reach of children
  • Use a knife suitable for the task and the food you are cutting
  • Always cut on a stable, dry, non-slip surface, synthetic or wooden boards are best
  • Always wash knives separately, handle carefully and dry immediately. Never leave knives to soak in water. Hold the handle when drying (not the blade) and dry from the handle down to the blade
  • Never leave acidic foods on a knife blade after use as this may cause discoloration
  • Never leave sharp knives loose in a drawer
  • Never test the sharpness of a knife by running your fingers along the blade edge
  • We recommend that you hand wash each knife individually using warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. Do not soak
  • Should the blade show signs of staining or discoloration, carefully remove the stain with any good quality stainless steel cleaner
  • Each knife should be stored separately to prevent scratching

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