New Breakthrough Research for Safety Knives: The Viners Assure Collection

Viners Assure Breakthrough research

Senior lecturer in Forensic Science at De Montfort University, Leisa Nichols-Drew, in collaboration with professors and forensic experts revealed the results of independent research carried out to explore the effectiveness of rounded-tip kitchen knives versus various other shaped-tip knives.

Our Viners Assure knives, which have a rounded-tip, were tested alongside four different types of household knives with varying tip shapes. The results were overwhelmingly conclusive that the knife from the Viners Assure Collection was the best-performing knife as it caused no damage to any of the four fabrics which were tested. Each of the knives were thoroughly tested using ‘stab tests’ in which the knives were used in a downward stabbing motion on different materials.


This has lead experts to insist that consumers are encouraged to switch to rounded-tip knives as it could help reduce knife crime and prevent accidental knife injuries within the home.

This breakthrough research will shape future product development ideas and we are very encouraged by the findings.

2 years ago
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