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From Kitchen to Table

Viners is widely recognised for quality and value across a variety of houseware goods including stainless steel cutlery, excellent cookware, dinnerware, kitchen knives, bakeware and kitchen utensils. The company was established around 1901 by Adolphe Viener, and his sons. They were silversmiths initially working in traditional small workshops. Their expertise gained from producing some of the best cutlery designs was used to expand the brand in other categories. Today, Viners products can be found in many households across the UK.

Timeless design and functional quality

Anchor Hocking is a well established American glassware and bakeware manufacturer based in Columbus Ohio. The factory has been making glassware for over 100 years and has forged innovative methods for producing high quality, great value products which have multiple uses around the home. Bakeware, measuring jugs and mixing bowls are made with tempered glass, which is heated and cooled at steady rates to relieve the glass of any stress and to toughen the product so it is suitable for oven use. Tempered glass is safer than other types toughened glass (such as borosilicate), if it is dropped, the material forms cubes rather than shards of glass. It is also a more environmentally friendly form of manufacture over Borosilicate glass.

Italian by Design

This elite European brand was established in 1990. With a prestigious heritage, distinctive shapes & exceptional craftsmanship this brand unites modern themes with timeless classic design, gracing celebrated 5-star establishments all over the world. Sant’ Andrea cutlery brings a luxurious look and impressive feel to the table with premium designs. These distinctive qualities elevate this brand from other high-end cutlery.

Designed to perform & built to last

The Great British Bakeware range reflects George Wilkinson’s brand ethos; designed to perform and built to last. This premium range of excellent metal bakeware uses an innovative non-stick long life coating that is virtually indestructible and sets it apart from its competitors as the best option for your baking and roasting needs. Necessities bakeware range is is the ideal budget choice, designed for canny cooks who want to stock their kitchens with a good selection of non-stick bakeware!

Designed for Dining

Gracing tables for over 100 years, Oneida has been a staple in fine dining establishments, family restaurants and hotels for decades. The company originated in a utopian community established in 1848 by John Humphrey Noyes, and has had a strong reputation for quality ever since. Today, Oneida has a broad range of products including the finest quality flatware, porcelain dinnerware, stainless steel and silver-plate hollowware.

Known and loved in UK since 1953

Mermaid has been known and loved in British homes since 1953 and with an extensive range of baking and roasting products, offers quality solutions for all your culinary needs. Made from hard anodised aluminium, Mermaid products are designed to last a lifetime. Not only extremely durable, they provide superb heat distribution to prevent unwanted hot spots and perfect results with every use.

Safest and most flexible way to store wine

Established in 1979 RTA wineracks continue to be the best from of wine storage. RTA wineracks offer a safe and flexible way to store wine from small counter top displays in the kitchen to a comprehensive wine cellar holding thousands of bottles. Their traditional style racks are manufactured in the UK and use our patented clip extension system to make a variety of shapes to fit virtually any space in the home. To compliment our traditional racks we also have a range of contemporary racks in a number of different styles to suit any home décor.

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